Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Word from the sponsor

Range Rover stuck on gently sloping driveway. Defender pulled from a ditch. Featured on last night’s Channel 5 Winter Rescue documentary. The RAC had to pull the Range Rover on a towrope and the Defender seemed to have slid off a snowy road. Neither looked badly stuck at all; I’m sure I could have driven them out without any trouble. Yet the TV programmers made a great display of the heroism of the crews tasked with getting threm back on their wheels. Now, I am not patronising the rescuers. They do sterling work. But dwelling on the Range Rover, and making a big issue of it maybe slipping down a steep bank raised a doubt. It may not have been stage-managed, but making an inconvenience into a crisis, as TV doc producers tend to do made it seem contrived. Come the commercial break all was clear. The series is sponsored by Jeep. Too tempting? I am sure Jeep would never play tricks. But a Channel 5 anxious to please just might. What does Land Rover say?

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  1. It is also the fact most 4x4 owners are so ill-informed when it comes to winter driving they are their own worst enemy. They think because they have 4 wheel "drive" they have increased traction in all other areas too, so they drive on completely inappropriate tyres, especially the Cheslea tractors such as the Range Sport, Volvo XC90 etc, which are usually running sport based summer tyres. In other words, I have no sympathy for them.



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